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Artificial putting greens

Wish You Could Play Golf at Home?

Get an artificial putting green installed in at your home! | NY- Nassau / Suffolk County area.

You won't have to leave home to play golf when you have a putting green in your own backyard. To get your own putting green, hire the artificial putting green installers at SL Synthetic Lawn Turf Inc. in NY- Nassau & Suffolk County.

We provide artificial putting green installation services by:

Replacing the upper layer of your grass & topsoil

- Removing weeds and preventing further weed growth

- Protecting it with a layer of fabric lining 

- Building a base for your putting green

- Install putting cups

- Adding the putting green to your base

- Adding a designed collar fringe

When we're finished, you can enjoy golf whenever you want. Call 631-624-7473 now to find out more about our artificial putting green installation services. NY - Nassau / Suffolk County area.

Customize your putting green!

When you work with our artificial putting green installers, you can choose anything from a flat, square green to a challenging green with a sand bunker. You can tailor the artificial turf to your property, desired results and budget. Reach out to a local professional today to explore the options.

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